Creative Hands Open House June 17th! (5/31/2017)

There will be a drawing at our Open House June 17th for 12 of these special green Yummy!s. Anyone who has purchased the Panda Pit by the the end of the day on June 17th is eligible to win the opportunity to buy a green Yummy! for $68. This includes all in-store, eBay and phone orders.

Now available: The third in the Creative Hands Zoo series: The Panda Pit!
Call to order!

M-241v Panda Pit

M-412vPAN Ling Ling
$58.00 accessory piece
M-277 Yummy!
$68.00 embellished with panda

Call for availability on some of these earlier zoo pieces:

M-445v Wee Penguin Pool
$400.00 Second in the Wee Zoo series
M-397v Wee Zoo
$500.00 Creative Hands 40th anniversary piece
First in the Wee Zoo series
M-412vPEN Penguin Couple
$58.00 Companion piece
M-277 Yummy!
$68.00 Embellished with penguin
M-412v Blake
$54.00 companion piece (1"W x .75"H)

Also available: Great displays by Judy Winter for your new pieces!

New Wee Forest Folk for 2018
(For details, see the Wee Forest Folk Factory News page.)

New Sculpture for Mother's Day! (4/18/2018)

M-636b-Boy To Mom With Love! (Boy)
M-636a-Girl To Mom With Love! (Girl)
M-624a Spring Butterflies
M-637 May Flowers
B-27 Bluebird of Happiness

New Limited Sculptures for Mother's Day! (4/18/2018) Limited until July 1, 2018

M-561a-Boy Best Mom! (Boy)
M-561a-Girl Best Mom! (Girl)

New Sculpture for St. Patrick's Day! (2/21/2018)

M-633 Fiddler's Green

New Limited Sculptures for St. Patrick's Day! (2/21/2018) Limited until May 15, 2018

M-304ad Irish Belle
M-393a A Wee Bit O'Luck
M-407b Irish Rover
M-407c Kitty O'Cat

New Limited Sculptures for Easter! (2/21/2018) Limited until May 15, 2018

A-48 Bunny Bear Basket
M-344b Easter Romper Girl
M-344c Easter Romper Boy
M-412sss Happiest Easter
M-502a Snuggle Bunnies
M-523a Her Easter Goodie Basket
M-523b His Easter Goodie Basket

New Sculptures for Valentine's Day! (1/19/2018)

M-634 Loving You!
M-635 Soda Sippers
B-26 Bundle Up Bunny
M-189c Her Secret Valentine Box
$128.00 Limited until 4/1/18
M-189d His Secret Valentine Box
$128.00 Limited until 4/1/18
M-563a Heaps of Hearts
$96.00 Limited until 4/1/18
M-627a Post a Note
$158.00 Limited until 4/1/18
A-46 Lovable Puppy
A-47 Sweet Kitty

New Sculptures for Christmas! (11/9/2017)

M-625 Close Knit Couple
M-626 Catching Crystals
M-627 Ringing in Christmas!
M-628 Ole' St. Nick
M-629 Holly Express
M-629a Holly Express Ornament
M-630 Pulling Together
M-631 Christmas Crafter
M-632 Barrow of Fun!
B-24 Finishing Touches
B-25 Helpful Hare

New Limited Sculptures for Christmas! (11/9/2017) Limited until 2/28/18

M-342b Hilarious Headwear
M-418b Puppy Love
M-422a Pick-a-Tree Lot
M-453l Teddy Trolley
M-453m Confection Car

New Limited Sculptures for Fall! (10/4/2017) Limited until 10/1/18

A-43 Pumpkins Aplenty
A-44 Hay Bale Treats
A-45 A Winking Welcome
M-311g Sunflower Smiles
M-321d First Prize Pie
M-397b Sunflower Shutterbug
M-438a The Swinging Sunflowers
M-453j Harvest Engine
M-453k Harvest Train Car
M-466c Piggy Petting Zoo
M-553b Sharing Sisters

New Extremely Limited Sculptures for Fall! (10/4/2017) Limited until 10/31/17

M-590o L'il Monster in October Orange
M-321bP A Wish for Happiness in Pink!

New Sculptures for Halloween! (9/5/2017)

M-614 Pumpkin Patch Work
M-615a Wee Wonder
M-615b Mighty Mousey
M-616 The Fledgling
M-617 Plumpkin
M-618 Cat & Mouse Game
M-619 Wee Pumpkin Bungalow
M-620 Sunny Bright Rainbow
M-621 Sweet Pea
M-623 Broom to the Moon!
M-623a Broom to the Moon! (Ornament)
M-622 Shark in the Dark!
M-624 Butterfly Love
M-586a Toothy Twosome
B-23 Johnny Apple Bunny

New Limited Sculptures for Summer! (7/17/2017)

M-349c Tiny Tubie - Dinosaur
$129.00 Limited until Sept. 15, 2017
M-349d Tiny Tubie - Cow
$129.00 Limited until Sept. 15, 2017
M-349e Tiny Tubie - Shark
$129.00 Limited until Sept. 15, 2017
M-442a Fun Floatie - Flamingo
$129.00 Limited until Sept. 15, 2017
M-442b Fun Floatie - Unicorn
$129.00 Limited until Sept. 15, 2017
M-442c Fun Floatie - Fish
$129.00 Limited until Sept. 15, 2017
M-574j Watermelon Cupcake Treat
$118.00 Limited until Sept. 15, 2017
M-594d A Cosy Tea - Summer
$196.00 Limited to 300
New Accessories for Summer! (7/17/2017)

A-41 Beach Ball
A-42 Which way to the beach!

New Limited Sculpture to Celebrate Annette's 98th Birthday
and Wee Forest Folk's 45th Anniversary!
(6/1/2017) Limited to 350

M-2017 Young Annette in Central Park

New Limited Sculptures for July 4th! (6/1/2017) Limited until August 31, 2017

M-189b The Cheering Section!
M-349b Freedom Fort
M-533c Color Me RWB
M-574i July 4th Cupcake Treat

New Sculptures by Willy! (6/1/2017)

M-610 One More?
M-611 Game Night!
M-612 Little Sampler
M-613 Wee Sweet Shop

New Limited Sculptures for Mothers Day! (4/25/2017) Limited until June 15, 2017, or sooner

M-556a Dear Mom!
M-574h Mom's Cupcake Treat!
M-594c A Cosy Tea - Spring
$196.00 Limited to 300