Creative Hands Event Pieces


2019 Garden
M-559v Desert Garden M-561v Venus Flytrap M-321vY Poppy Girl (golden) M-321vB Poppy Girl (red)


2018 Zoo
M-627v Wee Gift Shop M-445v18 Wee Aviary M-277 Yummy parrot A-CH18 Gift Bag


2017 Zoo
M-241v Panda Pit M-277 blue Panda Yummy M-277 green Panda Yummy


2016 Zoo
M-241v Panda Pit M-412vPEN Penguin Couple M-277 Penguin Yummy


2015 Zoo (40th Anniversary)
M-397v Wee Zoo M-412v Blake

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Creative Hands Garden or Zoo Event Pieces

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